Monday, August 15, 2011

Flying Man by Wupper Airlines

This little wooden man is our favorite from the Wupper Airlines collection.  

His wingspan measures about 13 inches from tip to tip, and his body is around 7 inches long.

His round body features hand painted black pants, gray strip shirt, and he wears suspenders made from a leather like material.  His mustache and glasses are adorable and fit perfectly with his bulbous nose and chin.    Hang him from his spring and gently pull him down and he will flap his wings as he bounces up and down!

He'll be on eBay shortly!   Feel free to leave a comment if you're in a hurry :)


  1. Is there any chance you have these available?

    1. I sold my remaining stock to someone locally, but I feel certain that he has plenty left since he ran into delays opening his shop. I'd be happy to check stock and prices, but it will be about a week from now before I find out. Are you interested in one of the flying man, or do you want more of this or other Wuppers?