Monday, August 15, 2011

Dragons by Wupper Airlines

Our fantastic wooden dragons flap their wings up and down while their heads go back and forth, their green eyes don't miss a thing!   The wings are covered with a suede material to help them gain flight.  Our dragons are a favorite for all ages!    Available in natural wood or painted red or green.  (Green is not photographed yet but is available).  These fierce fellows measure 9 inches from wing tip to tip and are 8 inches from nose to tail.

Mini Dragon

For those who prefer smaller dragons, we have this little mini who thinks he's tougher than he looks.  His body is natural unfinished wood, and his eyes are painted green.  Like his big brother, his wings sport a suede cover.  His wingspan is just under 4 inches and his body is about 5 inches long. 

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