Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wupper Airlines Collectibles

Wonderful Wuppers! These adorable wooden gizmos hang from springs and they bounce up and down! There are many varieties of Wuppers including the infamous flying man, windmill boats, dragons, tiny angels, and much more! Please note that these are NOT TOYS. They are collectible decorative items, and are loved by young and old alike.

About Us:
We are a retailer only and are not affiliated with the company that manufactures Wupper Airlines products. Wupper Airlines were originally manufactured and sold in Germany. The company was purchased by an individual in California a few years ago. Wuppers are currently designed and assembled in Germany from imported parts, then are sent to California.  I am in Tennessee.

Our stock is leftover from our physical store which is no longer in business. When our remaining supply of Wuppers is gone, we will not be able to obtain more.


  1. i have a wupper airline mobile and the spring was broken during a recent move. Is there someplace I can order a replacement spring? I hate the thought of not being able to enjoy this item any longer. Any and all help is truly appreciated. Thanks,

    1. I relise this 2 years ago but I just brough a few still need it ?buy another one lol

    2. I relise this 2 years ago but I just brough a few still need it ?buy another one lol

  2. You need extensions springs and they can be purchased on Amazon.com or check with planetsprings.com.

  3. Are you listing any soon? I am VERY keen to purchase some?

  4. Dear Friends,
    Do you perhaps know which extension springs I can buy to replace the Wupper Airline spring on one of the old brass mobiles (art 7282). I live in South Africa and bought mine in the UK more than 15 years ago.

  5. My contact details antoinettepienaar@hotmail.com - in connection with my search for a Wupper Airline extension spring. I also need the hanging ball weight of art 7282
    Regards ANtoinette

  6. I received a Wupper airline mobile for Christmas and the string is tangled in the spring. Who can I send a photo to, to see if they can tell me how to fix it? The person who sent me the gift bought it at a museum in Denver. Thanks in advance!