Monday, August 15, 2011

Wupper Airlines Mini Men

Miniature versions of some of the favorite Wupper Airline flyers! These little guys possess all of the charm of their larger counterparts.  They make a darling collection as a group in a window!

Seated Winged Bike (4x3) Item 3276
This little guy wears colorful green and yellow polka dot pants, a white shirt and black suspenders.  His little bike has wings so he can zoom!

Seated Propeller Cyclist (4x3x5) Item 3272
This time our little guy in yellow polka dotted pants is lucky enough to ride a bike with a propeller for easy of flight!   He's still in full gear with his glasses and cap,and wears a quick moving propeller atop his head.  He's a cutie!  

Seated Propeller (4x3.5) Item 3271
Our favorite flyer in the red stripe shirt goes on a propeller driven adventure! 

Tiny Winged Man (3.5x3.5) Item 3275
This time, our flyer is seated with a set of wings above his head to guide him home.


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  2. Adoro esses bonecos, gostaria de revendê-los em minha livraria. Pode me ajudar? Qualquer informação é válida.